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Launching on Kickstarter 2024, Reluctant Hero is an exciting and complex card cyberpunk themed game for up to six players. It’s all about heroes trying to do the right thing with the least amount of effort from themselves. After years of government service the heroes are disillusioned. They want to get their next assignments done, just don't want the effort themselves - so look to get someone else to do them for them. They meet at The Foxy Lockhart bar to receive their assignments, then look to offload them on to other heroes/players

The year is 2500 and not only the world but also its inhabitants are changing. Evolution has seen a new stream of humanity appear. These metahumans possess extraordinary superpowers. Standing out from the crowd, they leave ordinary humans behind.

The media quickly latch onto the appearance of these new 'metahumans'. Governments become involved and soon they are recruiting the metahumans to undertake special global assignments - the sort that government secret agents may have coveted in the past. After each success, praise and reward are lavished upon these new ‘superheroes’. Very quickly, all worship them.


Time moves on. Over the next 533-year period, metahumans continue to work for the governments and Pan World Corporations. Society sees them as heroes being brave and courageous. But unrest is stirring in the rest of the world; ordinary humans are not content to sit back and see the metahumans reap all of the glory.

Very soon, a black market opens up, providing ordinary humans with implants and augmentation, which bring their physical abilities in line with the metahumans.

Very soon, these ‘augmented humans’ are pushing their way in, now everyone appears to be a hero. With superheroism becoming the norm, the media tires of it, and so does the public. Heroes are no longer applauded, receiving little if any recognition.

Disillusionment hits. The metahumans, become cynical and reluctant. However, with their inbuilt moral compass, they find it hard not to be the good guys. They all meet at the Foxy Lockhart, a local bar, to receive their assignments from AEC Haem Whitman Ltd, here they look to ‘deal’ with the other heroes to do the work for them whilst they receive the recognition and maintain their superhero status.

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