Matthew & Michael, yes we are real!

Two actual humans not a Corporate construct.

We share a passion for making games, we want to make the boldest, bravest, most interesting, innovative and exciting games that we can.

Games that we would enjoy playing over and over again. Games that entertain and bring people together for friendly competition and enjoyment.

At the moment, we're the new kids on the block - fresh meat! We have several projects in development, including a traditional collection board game, a Gothic horror themed worker placement game and a Mayan themed deck builder game, but our main focus is on delivering: Game 1: On The Square.

Our plan is to launch 2-3 unique games each year, either funded through Kickstarter or by ourselves privately.

This is our plan really.

How we will actually bring our game visions to life in the real world:


Each game needs to be unique and contain elements never seen before.

We want players to think: 'That's clever!


Working with other designers and specialist in graphics and artwork our games will be created from the best ideas.


Players should have an emotional connection to the game, be able to lose themselves within the game.

We want players to think: 'I am that character!


Resourcing support from industry leaders in print and technology to ensure consistent quality.


Every piece should be an artwork in itself. Beautiful to look at and adding richness to the game. We want players think: 'WOW


It's got to be fun for everyone to play, so it's got to be easily understood and work flawlessly.

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