On the Square is 4 player set-collection game based on establishing an English Freemasons meeting. The aim of the game is to collect ceremonial items from around the board, whilst greeting the other officers in-order along the way, before returning to your seat to begin the proceedings. The first player to do so wins the game.

Using player boards to keep track of their items, players make their way around a game board laid out to accurately represent an English lodge with iconography taken directly from the Metropolitan grand lodge in central London. However, movement around this board is deceptively strategic. On the Square uses an augmented roll and move mechanic designed to increase strategy[alternate] and reduce randomness. By spending tokens you’re able to influence your movement rolls to get the numbers you need to progress, but On the Square’s real strategy comes into play by going On the Square. Players can cut across the middle of the game board to head directly toward their specific destination. In older games, if you overshot your target you’d need to go all the way around the board for another attempt. On the Square lets you retry immediately, provided you can afford to stop collecting for a turn or two.

With other helpful bonuses around the board, the heat is on to ensure you’re the first to complete your player board and begin the summit. Can you complete your rounds and make it back to your seat first, or will another player win by going On the Square?

On The Square - The 1st 3 Degrees 2-4 Players

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