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The full 108 card, 8 suit deck, comprising 1st AND 2nd Editions of Mysteries & Secrets decks. Presented together in a double Deck, Casket style box. (Both in original individual tuck boxes too). Each card individually marked for suit and card.


The 1st & 2nd decks in the Mysteries & Secrets Masonic Deck project. A beautifully designed, unique deck of playing cards, Printed in the UK. Redesigned with Masonic Symbols and iconography. The traditional Jack, Queen & King replaced with Junior & Senior Wardens and the Worshipful Master. The suits reimagined as badges of 8 Masoni orders: 1st Edition:The Holy Royal Arch, The Red Cross of Constantine, The Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests & The Square & Compasses.2nd Edition:Order of The Allied Masonic Degrees, Fraternity of Royal Ark Mariners, Order of Royal and Select Masters & Order of Knights Beneficent of The Holy City.

8 Suit Deck Mysteries & Secrets 1st & 2nd Editions Gift Pack

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