The Complete Mysteries & Secrets project. 5 Decks

The complete 5 special Editions of the complete Mysteries & Secrets, Freemason themed Playing cards project.


The Mysteries & Secrets Decks is a set of 5 complete, individual decks (2 of which create a full 8 suit deck). Each depicts 4 of the key orders in Freemasonry instead of the traditional suits. 20 Orders in total.


Face cards for King, Queen & Jack have been re-imagined as the three most Senior roles in a Lodge: Worshipful Master, Senior and Junior Wardens.

The card backs feature a complex Masonic design which are also marked for magic!


1st Edition:

The Holy Royal Arch, The Red Cross of Constantine, The Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests & The Square & Compasses.


2nd Edition:

Order of The Allied Masonic Degrees, Fraternity of Royal Ark Mariners, Order of Royal and Select Masters & Order of Knights Beneficent of The Holy City.


3rd Edition:

Order of Holy Wisdom, Order of Thomas of Acon, Royal Order of Eri, Order of Athelstan.


4th Edition:

Order of Knights Templar and Knights of Malta, Order of Knights Masons, Order of the Scarlet Chord & Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia.


5th Edition:

Royal Order of Scotland, Ancient and Accepted Rite, Order of Mark Master Masons & Order of the Secret Monitor.

The Complete Mysteries & Secrets project. 5 Decks

  • 3rd, 4th & 5th Editions are launching on Kickstarter later this year. Shipping is expected to begin in December 2021 (Just in time for Christmas) Sales will be - Pre Order. Orders for the full 5 decks will only be shipped when all decks are available.