One etched Corian Stone board with extended 14 character layout. Personalised to include the role, name and rank of all 14 officers and titular members of your lodge. If your lodge has different or additional roles, we’ll be happy to amend the design to accommodate them all.

The front cover will be redrawn to include lodge name, number and location. The base of the box will be redesigned to feature a roll call of your entire lodge membership. The visitors' book will record your full lodge.
You will receive 50 copies of the extended two - six player game.


Package includes:

1 X Etched Corian Stone board

50 X Enhanced 14 character boards (350gsm Stock)

50 X Deacons Expansion Sets

Complete freedom to personalise all 14 characters

Redesigned box with own lodge details

Individual visitors' book

Each copy individually numbered 1-50

Additional six Grand Lodge and six Summonses cards in each box



On The Square The First Three Degrees - COMMEMORATIVE EDITION

  • This game has just been successfully funded on Kickstarter. Backers of the campaign will receive priority. All orders will begin shipping in October 2020.

    We will email you as soon as a confirmed shipping date is available.



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